Do's and Don't of Bicycle Accidents

What to Do about Bicycle Accidents

What to Do

You should know what to do about bicycle accidents. It is better to be prepared than to be caught unprepared in an accident.

If you happened to be involved in a bicycle accident, be sure that the incident would have an official police report. Call the police to respond to the accident even if it is just a minor bicycle accident. It is better to be backed with documents rather than feel sorry if the accident would lead to a serious problem in the long run and you don’t have someone to point out as the liable person in the accident.

Having amicable settlement with the involved driver is not recommended. They may show that they are very sorry for the incident and ask for your forgiveness. They may also fool you by giving false identity. Worst, they may deny the incident if in due time you will sue him as liable for the accident. To be safe from these, do not ever attempt to have a negotiation with the driver or operator of the at-fault vehicle.

Have the police officer complete his report by including the incident, the driver’s details and statement, the witnesses’ statements and as well as your statement. Be sure that the responding police officer has complete details of the accident so that you may use same documentation for legal purposes. The driver’s contact details should be complete as well as contact information of witnesses.

As the victim, also make sure that the police officers will thoroughly investigate the accident. Pictures of the actual scenario after the accident, skid marks data as well as the diagram of the accident should be established.

You yourself should also have photographs of the damaged property (bicycle) right after the accident. If you cannot do it, ask someone to do it for you.

Seek medical treatment. Your doctor should have a documentation of your medical records regarding the injuries you suffered from the bicycle accident. You should also require your attending physician to attach several photos of all your injuries for these may be used as evidences. Aside from these papers, you yourself should also have a detailed journal of the symptoms and pains you will be suffering from the day of the accident until you fully recover from the accident.

Lastly, do not ever attempt to contact the insurance company unless an Oklahoma injury attorney had told you to do so. Insurance companies might use your statements against you so it is better to have your attorney process your claims.