Facts related to Bicycle Accidents

Facts about Bicycle Accidents

Related facts about bicycle accidents

Bicycle accidents had caused injuries to many people. It had been a problem of authorities since the time when bicycles were introduced to the public and eventually were used as a means of transportation.

There was a study in Netherlands which was conducted in year 2000. This study revealed that 47% percent of the accidents involved a single bicycle, 40% involved collisions with other motor vehicles, 12% were caused of road obstacles and crossing animals, and 1% from unknown factors. This data came from reported bicycle accidents which only comprises 10% of bicycle accidents. This study also revealed the fact that roughly 10% only of bicycle accidents were being reported leaving 90% of the accidents undocumented in police stations.

Another fact about bicycle accidents is that a cyclist who fell off his bike is less likely to be killed compared to a cyclist who was hit by the car.

Another fact about bicycle accidents is that number of pedestrian who were hurt by this kind of accidents increases. This only shows that more and more people are badly injured by cyclists. A hospital record showed that more than 1,000 pedestrians have been seeking medical treatment from hospitals yearly because of bicycle accidents. This does not include those who were treated at private doctor’s clinics and those who preferred not to seek medical treatment at all.

There are campaigns pursuing safety of cyclists. Different countries and cities implement programs that would promote safe cycling for bicycle enthusiasts. These campaigns started long ago and are still active in the present.

A victim of bicycle accident can sue the negligent party to compensate for his injuries and other loses. To do this, he should prove that the other party is really the negligent person and that his negligence had caused the bicycle accident.

Cases like this will be brought to the attention of the insurance company of the driver at fault. If the case won’t be solved by the insurance company, then the victim will bring the case to the court of law and prove the negligence of the other person.

Most bicycle accidents are resolved without any appearances in any courts. It seems that victims prefer to have amicable settlement with the other party involved in the accident. Maybe they find filing a case a long process and they cannot wait to the settlement. If these victims only know that an Oklahoma personal injury attorney is a strong shoulder to lean on in times like this, then they would surely fight for their rightful claims in courts.