Most Common Causes of Bicycle Accidents

Common Causes of Bicycle Accidents

Causes of Bicycle Accidents

Bicycle accidents may risk the lives of cyclists. These accidents may lead to injuries which will cause them so much pain and suffering.

Cyclists meet bicycle accidents for many reasons. Some may assert that it were the cyclists who were not so extra careful that is why they often meet accidents. To be fair with these cyclists, they are careful enough in riding their bike for they also value their lives. However, there are other factors that would cause accidents on the road.

Pedestrians may cause a bicycle accident. Those who are carelessly crossing the street may bump the bicycle and cause the accident. In some cases, the attempt of the rider to give way to the pedestrian causes him to bump on the walls or other road barriers.

Motor vehicles also cause bicycle accidents. Reckless motor vehicle drivers may push cyclists to the side of the road making these poor cyclists have a little space between the motor vehicles and pedestrians. These reckless motorists lead bicycle riders to meet accidents in spite of the cyclists’ carefulness.

Swinging car doors may also cause bicycle accidents. Sometimes, car doors may suddenly swing open while the passenger is about to alight. Instances like this may not alarm the cyclist so the tendency is that he will bump to the swinging car door.

Jaywalking pedestrians cause bicycle accidents. Cyclists are so confident not knowing that these jaywalkers will suddenly cross the street. They will either hit the jaywalker or may outbalance and fall from their bicycle.

Ground-level hazards also cause bicycle accidents. Potholes and metal plates may lead to bicycle accidents if a warning sign was not properly installed to give alarm to cyclists.

Poorly maintained roads are also one of the causes of bicycle accidents. Uneven roads are not safe to cyclists and may lead to accidents.

A minor rider is often more likely to meet a bicycle accidents. Records showed that more accidents happened with children as riders.

Negligence causes bicycle accidents. In a collision, someone could have been so negligent. It could be the automobile driver, the cyclist or the government official who is in charge of the road maintenance. This negligence should be proven in order to claim compensations for the injuries. A Tulsa injury attorney would be able to help you prove the negligence of the other party that had caused the bicycle accident.